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Reiki Healing
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Veronica U. –

I had to admit that I was experiencing a lot of stress that was impacting my daily functioning and decided to try Reiki for the first time. Although I didn’t know much about Reiki, as soon as I met Sevina I knew I had met someone who was able to connect with me in a competent, insightful and very compassionate way.

Since our first session she has guided me through the wonderful process of learning to be aware of my body’s stress level and how to release pent up anxiety through guided breathing techniques, visualization and positive energy. I highly recommend Sevina for anyone needing help with learning how to address and reduce any type of stress.  She has blessed my life!

Cassidy A.-

This was the most relaxing experience I have ever had. I have been dealing with a lot of emotional unease that had manifested as physical tension in my body and overall fatigue and after 1 session I immediately felt lighter with a clearer head and grounded sense of wellbeing. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to deeply relax, allowing healing to take place in their body and mind. Thank you so much!!

Maribel H. –

Love it, I would highly recommended!

Irma G.-

It was my very first Reiki session and it was wonderful! Sevina explained the therapy process step by step and did a great job guiding me to relax using breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises. Felt great the rest of the evening! Thank you, Sevina! 😀

Lori H.-


Laura P.

Sevina made my first reiki experience wonderful. It was very relaxing and definitely something I will book through her again!

Laura M.–

After leaving the therapy I felt so much energy!

Rachel F.-

I definitely got a deal. I came in with a pinched nerve in in my lower back that had my hips uneven and I was unable to stand straight up. In just an hour I was so relaxed and when I stood up afterwards, I had no trouble getting straight. I’m definitely going to make this a regular thing and would highly recommend to anyone.


OMG! Unbelievable! Went in so tense came out in a complete state of total bliss and peace. Highly recommend to anyone with stress in their lives. My body feels good, muscles are relaxed, mind in a harmony with the universe. So grateful I found this treatment. Totally what I needed in my life right now!

Mary M.-

I had so much stress build up over the week from a 15hr trip, problems with my hotel, and work. Sevina was wonderful during my 90-minute stress management session. I walked out completely relaxed, tension free, and my body wasn’t aching anymore. The atmosphere is very cozy, I was so comfortable I was fighting off sleep and lost😅 All-in-all this was an amazing experience definitely worth the time

Linda S.-

Sevina is so calming and I was able to totally relax.

Rosa M. –

I loved the experience. It was very relaxing, and my body felt so much better. I also had a good night sleep that I haven’t had for a while. Sevina is very welcoming and I would definitely come back.

Rosa V.-

While the session was very relaxing, I was expecting more of a massage. Maybe it was the picture that lead me to that conclusion. In any case, Sevina was wonderful and very professional.

Andi S.-

Sevina gave an astute assessment of my stress and provided such a relaxing and healing experience that I had to peel myself off the table when our session was done. She is also very patient and kind. I look forward to seeing her again.

Maria R.–

I needed this! The best relaxation! Will be back for more! Thank you Sevina! 🙂

Patricia P.-

Great experience. New to Reiki but Sevina was very welcoming and provided insight on the healing process. Will definitely be back!

Anabella A. – Great! Highly recommended!

Reiki Healing
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Tanya T.

There are many Reiki Master’s out there to choose from, but once you meet, talk to and feel Sevina’s vibe, you will understand what makes her special. She connects easily with people and has a tremendous energy and way of activating Reiki.

Sevina has been my go to yoga instructor and Reiki master for the past three years. She is absolutely the BEST! She heals both emotionally and physically and you feel the results INSTANTLY from your first session. I am a single mom, special Ed teacher and sufferer of high inflammation who has been pain-free in my back, knees and joints and able to release emotional pain that I’ve carried for over a decade thanks to Sevina. No therapist or medication has even come close. She has also helped many friends of mine who I’ve sent her way. But what’s truly amazing is how incredibly affordable she is…which only goes to show her true compassion and desire to help others. If you have any doubts about Reiki, you must experience Sevina’s healing hands!

David B.

For years, I’ve needed pills to sleep. Now I’m sleeping like a baby drug free! Getting a perfect restful nights sleep. That in itself is blessing!

Sevina is great, she starts off the session with a massager. Then she walks her clients through a total relax meditation, utilizing aromatherapy to enhance the effect. The magic really takes place when she lays her hands on the body for the reiki treatment. The muscles relax, the body aligns, and the stress melts away.

Private Clients

Karrie Keyes

I am recovering from colon cancer and Sevina has helped give me the tools to reduce stress, face fear and anxiety in as positive manner and generally help my body and mind heal.

Jann Nichols

I was involved in an automobile accident in, 2014 and sustained several injuries, including but not limited to a traumatic brain injury (TBI), multiple spinal fractures to my lumbar spine and nerve damage to my cervical spine. I have undergone twelve (12) medical procedures do far.

Sevina’s treatments give me relief and I derive considerable benefits from our sessions. I experienced episodes without pain for the first time since the accident after just one treatment.

Natalie Maharjan

I am a founder of Purnamaya Ayurveda & Sound Healing Center is Ventura, California.  I am not new to healing practices, and I wanted to try Sevina’ Reiki for a while; Her treatment was absolutely blissful!

I enjoyed it more and was more beneficial than anybody work I’ve received here Ventura county.


Yoga Classes

I have been attending Sevina’s Yoga class since last fall, and I love it!

Sevina engages the mind and the body in exercise to the advantage of the student.  She targets her efforts to teach each individual person to exercise the entire body.  Sher is very creative. I look forward to attending her class because it releases the anxiety and stress out of my body and mind. I recommend Sevina as a teacher and would support any exercise class she teaches.

Judy White


Not long ago I took several  privet sessions  with Sevina in order to prepare myself for a Yoga Retreat in Mexico; and I would like to praise her abilities as Yoga teacher!  The unique combination of movement with relaxation makes the entire experience very pleasurable!

Sevina is very talented and experienced inspiring teacher!

Ann Marie Tullo


Sevina ‘s Yoga classes not only provide a great workout, but it gives me a much-needed outlet to stretch, dance and meditate my stress and worries away. Sevina goes above and beyond to make each class a unique learning experience, and I made some wonderful lifelong friends along the way. I feel very lucky to have come across Sevina’s Yoga class years ago and plan to never stop attending!

Tanya D. Wright 


Sevina’s class is such a treat! It is exercise, self-expression trough movement, and socialization all in one. My friends and I always look forward to attending the class. We in Oxnard are so lucky to have Sevina to help us destress!

Heidi Escobar


Sevina Altavova’s yoga class is excellent. Sevina brings excellent yoga and meditation principles to the class, she is very inspiring, professional and accomplished yogi. Her instruction methods are highly advanced and provide a concise, therapeutic and fun program for students of all levels attending her class.

 Betsy Stoeven



Sevina’s warmth and caring self gave me the peace of mind that I was in good hands when considering hypnotherapy.

I admire her dedication and professionalism during and after the session. I would definitely recommend her hypnotherapy services.

Cynthia Torres


Sevina is an amazing hypnotherapist.  After spending time with her, taking me deeper into my subconscious, more of who I am and what I’m seeking, was revealed in two-hours, than years of therapy.

The techniques Sevina used, along with supportive homework, and guidance, are already proving to be life-changing. I feel, after being stuck in my life for years, I am finally moving forward, past all the obstacles.
She’s not just a healer but also a teacher. When I  leave her office I not only understand what I’ve just learned, but also I’m given tools so that I can practice the techniques she’s offered. It’s so empowering!
I highly recommend Sevina Altanova’s Stress Management Practice for anyone seeking more joy, wisdom and peace in their lives. 
Rev. Pamella Geagan 
I booked a hypnotherapy session with Sevina to see if hypnosis could help me reduce my lifelong craving for sugar. Although, I’m not diabetic, I struggle with carbohydrate addiction. In one week, after my first hypnotherapy session, I’ve lost 11 pounds! Amazing! My body feels better, and my thinking is clearer. I believe that Sevina’s hypnotherapy techniques opened the door to ending my life-long struggle with weight gain.
Thank you Sevina!!!
Pasqualina Rogers
I felt comfortable under Sevina’s care right  from  the  start. Sevina has provided me with powerful tools to significantly improve my life!
Peter Shea
I had a very pleasant experience during my Hypnotherapy session. I can honestly say it helped me control the anxiety I had been battling with for months. 
I came out of the session with a sense of self power and control and at the same time a sense of peace. Thank you so much Sevina!
Vianey Ordaz