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Hello Friend,

I commend you for trying to improve your physical and emotional health with Reiki. When you take care of yourself you can become a better partner, a better parent, and a better community member. We can all benefit from that!


Reiki is an energy healing practice. Reiki heals by activating the relaxation response in the body and helping the body to balance itself by going to Homeostasis. It is a form of Alternative Therapy for the restoration of physical and emotional well–being. One of the greatest benefits of Reiki Healing is Stress Reduction!

Our body has an amazing ability to heal itself. It is a mechanism that we all have, but just needs to be turned on, and that is where the Reiki healers come into the picture.

How to explain Reiki. 

You are probably aware of the concept of an Aura (energetic field around the body) – Three simple examples:  Somehow we can sense when someone stands behind us; or that at some places we feel good, and other places we feel bad for some reason; we tend to sit close to people we like and suddenly we feel very uncomfortable when someone we don’t like steps too close to us – all of these are subconscious reactions to the energy fields of others.

People can influence others with words very well, but we are also capable of influencing people with our energy through our intentions. Not many people are trained how to do that, but Reiki healers are. We use our intentions to improve the energy fields of others. We as Reiki practitioners, connect with the Universal Life Force Energy, and expand and transfer the highest healing energy from one being to another. Reiki amplifies and intensifies the “KI” (life force energy) and brings balance and harmony to the spirit, mind and body.

Scientific approach to REIKI

Our body has an autonomic nervous system, which is the involuntary, unconscious nervous system; the one that powers our breathing, digestion and heartbeat. You don’t think of these processes; your body just does it for you. The Autonomic nervous system is made of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems.

The sympathetic nervous system kicks in automatically in response to threat or immediate danger, but it activates from stressful situations we encounter in our everyday lives as well. So, we need to learn to have some control over it through relaxation practices like: Reiki, Restorative Yoga, or Pranayama – Yoga’s breathing.

What happens to our body when the Sympathetic nervous system kicks in?

-Heart rate increases

-Bronchial tubes in the lungs dilate

-Pupils in the eyes dilate

-Muscles contract

-Saliva production is reduced

-Stomach stops many functions of digestion

-More glycogen is converted to glucose – and glucose turns to fat

These responses are designed to have your body enter a “fight or flight” state. The non-essential systems like the digestive and immune systems are given much lower priority in order to save energy for the muscles to contract fast and the heart to increase power.

Parasympathetic nervous system.

This is the system for “rest & digest”. It controls homeostasis, which is the body’s process of maintaining its balance and long-term health.

It restores the state of calm and allows “relax and repair” in the body and psyche.

What happens when the Parasympathetic system kicks in?

-Saliva production increases

-Digestive enzymes are released (we digest better)

-Heart rate drops

-Bronchial tubes in the lungs constrict

-Muscles relax

-Pupils in the eyes constrict

-Urinary output increases

These responses are designed to maintain long term health, improve digestion, conserve energy, and bring health and balance to the body and mind.


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